Tuesday, March 20, 2018

The Equinox & New astro year of major change

Dear Beloveds!

Today we celebrate March Equinox and the beginning of a new astrological year on March 20th! There is a perfect Equinox message for all of us. The Family of Light is strongly anchored and rooted on this planet Now, as our activities of Light are exponentially growing. We are coming together with many within our Light Essence group, and together we are weaving new portals of Love into Existence. However, a very important activity of Light is also the protection of our sacred space. When our Light is very bright, many Beings will be drawn to us for nurture and support, and many will wish to enter into our sacred circle and connect. However, we have to use our discernment in such endeavors, because the immensity and intensity of Light is not the same as scattered hyper energy. There are many rings of fire within the awareness of the sacred circle, spreading from the most intimate inner Core to the farthest regions of our Soul's outreach. We have to make sure that we always have space for those few sacred connections that share the Essence of a unified purpose. But our most intimate space needs to be secluded and reserved just as well, for it cannot be shared with everyone at the same level of intimate intensity. It is of utmost importance to understand the law of resonance within Unity consciousness instead of separation and duality. When every unique circle of Light comes together in such a harmonized way, there can only be Love. The more we fragment ourselves as we scatter our focus, the more fragmented our workings of Light become as well. That's why we have to make sure that we understand the meaning of our "secluded" space, so that only the right matching frequencies can enter and be co-created within Divine Love!

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

The embodiment of the feminine principle

Dear Beloveds!

We have just moved through the Eclipse season which lasted all month. The month of February holds a 13/4 frequency of building new physical foundations. This time is bringing us closer to our physical body in whatever way that connection comes to us in its ultimate expression. Many volunteer Souls have been gathering tremendous knowledge and skills, learning how to apply it in this world and dimension. In many ways this journey centered us in anchoring New awareness. Many Light Beings were learning about the integration of the Stellar and Earthly experiences by creating bridges which provide the missing link for the whole Human experience. This journey of synthesis was no piece of cake, and in many ways we had to be deeply active while undergoing many Spirit initiations. However, this next wave of Human integration requires us to move deeper into the body. Meditation and other tools of accessing higher states of consciousness and Being are great, however true Soul embodiment requires us to actively live our meditations by anchoring higher frequencies into our bodies. 

Saturday, January 20, 2018

2018: The year of Life Force intelligence

Dear Beloveds!

We have officially began our New year (of 11 Universal energy) with the first New Moon in Capricorn (January 16th/17th), initiating the cycle of Capricorn themes and values for our personal and collective integration. Capricorn is commitment, work and our status in the world. Saturn is also in Capricorn, and since that is its ruling or "home" position, a lot of us will be coming "home" into our bodies more deeply. That's why a lot of individuals experienced body challenges as the new year began, for this energy calls for a complete renewal. We all know about the 7-year body (cellular) cycles which are ruled by Saturn. For some this year might coincide with their own 7-year Saturn cycle of cellular renewal, but either way the emphasis is on the embodiment process. There is greater fusion of body and Soul present for many ascending individuals, and those who might have experienced major body issues are going to feel the first waves of change. 

Friday, December 22, 2017

The Solstice of Galactic alignment

Dear Beloveds!

Happy December Solstice! Overall, this was a big "pre-Holiday" time. We began this week with the Sagittarius New Moon that aligned with the Galactic Center, Saturn moving into the sign of Capricorn, December (Winter) Solstice and Mercury moving direct in Sagittarius! This is a time where all of the gathered experiences and knowledge which we have integrated synthesize and move back into the Whole, to contribute to the overall process of spiritual evolution. Therefore, this is a time when our Souls gather all of that in a form of Light codes and reverberate it into the synchronized Whole. In Truth, nothing is really ours in a literal sense of the word, as everything we do and experience, we do so for the Whole in Unity consciousness. The more consciously we surrender everything to Love, the more we contribute to the integration of Light. This is the gateway to our humility and transcendence. Of course that applies for all those who are aligned with the Winter Solstice timeline and vice versa for those aligned with the Summer Solstice.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

The Essence level embodiment

Dear Beloveds!

Welcome to December, a New energetic month of a 13/4 universal frequency. We enter into this energy with Mercury retrograde, which asks us to slow down and listen to the burning desire of our Heart. We are wrapping up a 1 universal year, which was a "seeding" year of new initiatives. Many of us have been assimilating Light codes of the crystalline frequency which we are now synthesizing. We are entering into major new cycles, cosmically and physically speaking. Most of all, we are being carried into the embodiment of the Essence level. This is the ultimate manifestation of Life force mastery which requires our absolute surrender. There is a new level of Self mastery that awaits us, but we must first reconcile with our past and bring closure to unfinished chapters so that there will be no energy residual once we fully step into the New energetic year of 11 frequency. Bringing closure does not only relate to finishing things, but also walking away from things that were left incomplete for a reason. Our journey is a multidimensional one, governed by Love most of all.

Friday, November 10, 2017

11-11 Portal of Cosmic Light

Dear Beloveds!

The 11-11 portal of Light is dawning, and its effects shall last all through the Winter Solstice and until January 11th. This time is known as a sacred triad, which is a major Gateway of moving into higher conscious embodiment and multidimensional functioning. As a New Galactic Human, we must completely trust this process. In this time of transition we are like almighty Phoenixes that are arising from the ashes of the old. We are in between Moon stages and in between worlds, flooded with excitement and ideas and yet not yet fully anchored in this New state. A state of Being that was fully birthed within our shifting awareness and bodies during the Taurus Full Moon will be carried over into the Scorpio New Moon of New beginnings. This "in between" time is a phase of integration and assimilation of new Light downloads, and so we may feel guided to spend more time in our own bubble, in the inner planes of our Being where these shifts and ideas are taking place. This is where our guidance is truly coming from, and it should be completely trusted and followed instead of taken for granted. A New cycle of Soul birth is in development, but we must be patient with ourselves and not rush into anything. Instead, quiet alone time will provide us with everything that we need in this transition stage. The inner Light that brings us all the answers in each moment is within, and this is where our focus is currently held. If we wish to do anything prematurely, the results would not be the same, so we are to trust the nature of Divine timing completely. 

Friday, November 3, 2017

Higher vibrational spirituality & Cosmic Light training

Dear Beloveds! 

We are walking through a powerful New Gateway of illumination and vibrational spirituality. Many Beings of Light on the path of a volunteer Soul are beginning a new level of spiritual Light training through embarking on an advanced spiritual path. This path requires a Self welcoming back home, which means that we have never been away from it, but our spiritual Essence did not yet graduate and enter into Self realized state. This is a dharmic path of every ascending Being, which is to physically ascend within the Earth's template and become an empowered messenger of Gaia. However, many Souls have been holding residual memory of past experiences which needed to be integrated in order for this New level to unfold. The only recognition that was required was that everything was merely an experience. Therefore it was for our Soul expansion and fully neutral. Whatever was still perceived through Human filters or held within darkness was unable to shift energetically so that we could move forward. With this Self liberation there comes an acknowledgment that every experience was a part of Self mastery training, so that our Soul could eventually blossom in a state of Divine perfection and help guide other Souls in their own Ascension. What is Now required is a state of radical acceptance of every part of physical experiencing, because it all served our inner mastery through discernment, trust and integrity. Out of this sacred rite, a New Self is being born, which means that another "descended" aspect is ready to remember itself as fully ascended, so that it can become fully illumined and overlighted. This is the road that every Initiate of Spirit must travel, to move beyond the shadow and light, back into the Unity of the One, for enlightenment is the unified space of polarity fully integrated! 

Sunday, October 29, 2017

The Era of the Galactic Human

Dear Beloveds!

Those ascended Beings who are ready on a Soul level, are Now walking through a Gateway of Life force cultivation where we are learning to embrace manifesting/creating through Life force as ultimate surrendered flow. When we undergo this initiation, there will be an endless ocean of inner peace which will overflow our every cell with the Light of illumination. The first prerequisite to this initiation is the dissolution of all old patterns and false structures that do not support living through the organic flow of Life force or a complete state of Grace. The second step will be becoming pure, transparent and unconditional, so that our body will be able to translate the uninterrupted flow of Life force driven creativity. The third step will be becoming a pure vessel for Spirit in constant dedication and devotion to selfless service through Life force. This is the next step for all the Galactic Humans.

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Galactic & planetary Light servers arise!

Dear Beloveds!

We opened a New doorway with a Full Moon in Aries, a sign of individuality, new life and beginnings. It was followed by a Libra New Moon of Self liberation. It is very important to build a solid foundation here on Earth, in order to ground our Light in the physical. However, we must do that attachment free, and as ascended Beings we must learn to create abundance from our inner Spirit. There are still a lot of material concerns on this planet, which are a part of collective disengagement with the physical body and the planetary body of Gaia. Yes, we exist in our bodies, but creating through Soul embodiment is not the same as being attached to the material reality. Co-creating with Gaia through the embodied beauty of our sacred vessels is a process of deep merging, not separation and disengagement. There are still so many who are deeply disconnected from the creative power of their bodies, and they don't know the Divine gift of using them in the right way, the Way of sacred creation.