Wednesday, August 16, 2017

The Solar Eclipse of DNA activation for illumination

Dear Beloveds!

We are right in between the Eclipses, and just as they are encoded with new Light codes, so will this DNA Activation occur within us. The Eclipse season is always a time of "reset", which acts as a doorway into a higher consciousness. We are in a "final" week of clearing and preparing for this New Light entry. We can compare this with a bigger doorway which we can only access and enter through after passing the initiations of many smaller doorways that served to prepare us. Some refer to this time as being only for the chosen ones, but there is no such thing as a "chosen one". However, one must be ready and do the inner work through Spirit commitment and the unveiling of their Soul. When one is ready and physically prepared for the ensoulment process, the transformative changes within the Human body vessel will be ready to occur. A lot of us have been deeply preparing for this time throughout this whole year, and although it might have seemed challenging, it served us right. The colors violet, gold and white are colors of DNA Activation within the illumined template. Here we go!

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

8-8-8: The infinity Gateway of the New Human legacy

Dear Beloveds!

Happy 8-8-8 Lion's gate which is the so-called Gateway of Infinity! This year the Lion's Gate is a triple 8 Gateway of Light which Spirit calls the "Infinity Gateway". This is a magical time for all the Ascension graduates who are just about to sing a powerful hymn as an ode to their living Human legacy. Yes, these ascending Beings are leaving a powerful legacy which is timeless in nature, and which many evolving Beings will imprint upon for generations to come. Many Beings of Light have successfully activated and anchored their White Pillar of Light, which is the Ascension White Light column. This requires a complete integration of all 4 lower bodies and becoming a pure vessel/channel for Spirit Light. For those who have stepped into this Life stage, this is no longer a dream or wishful thinking, but an unfolding reality which is gradually and yet rapidly growing. 

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

The Golden/Royal Eclipse season

Dear Beloveds!

Happy month of August, everyone! This is a time of the Leo energy and the royal/Golden Eclipses. We are in for quite a ride, with new golden opportunities and rapid Soul expansion. The heart of the Lion wants to create and share in communion with others. Even when we think that we are dealing with a project alone, it's never really like that. Firstly, we have our Spirit team, then our loved ones who love and support us, and then there are those who are physically incarnated with us, and who dearly love us as well. A lot of people are still feeling alone or lonely on the Ascension path, but there is a difference between passing our initiations alone (in the solitude of our inner Self) and feeling alone. There is a lack of perception in regard to physical support, and a lot of people are still feeling unsupported. While they may have felt supported in the old framework, they are still finding living in the New very challenging. It's not always easy to cross that bridge between the old and the New, from the crumbling old era into a golden New dawn of Soul embodiment. There will be challenges on the way, but our Soul will grow through it all, and these Golden Eclipses will make sure that our passageway is safe and supported. However, this is a passage that we need to allow, to let the Soul in and be resilient amidst change and patient in the integration process. It is something we are doing step by step, and any sense of void is there because we have successfully surrendered something, and now we must only gather the trust for the New which is already being created. All who are patient will be rewarded for this graduation by the Soul, as it doesn't just fly away somewhere, but comes into the body and grows in Light through the evolution and integration of darkness, so that "what shines is golden" truly becomes so. Go forth and create, and by doing so ... illuminate!

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

The Royal code: May the Eclipse season begin!

Dear Beloveds!

We are entering into the Eclipse season. This month we had a 17-17-17 vibration as a code of awakening happening. It was the 17th day, July is a 17 Universal month and this is a 2017 year, so we had a multiplication of energy happening in Trinity. But what does the number 17 truly represent? Well, certainly many things. First of all, the 17 archetype in tarot is known to us as the "Star", and it symbolizes hope, healing and beauty through art, but also our stellar or interdimensional connections. With this energy, we are being super charged and recharged by the Heavens. This is certainly a Divine orchestration and dispensation, and if You tune into the energy itself, You will receive many messages and activations of Light. Use at least a portion of this day to stimulate your creativity, passion, dance and artistic pursuits, as well as meditation and contemplation, because it will pay rich dividends for what is to come, especially during the upcoming Eclipse season. Our dreams really are coming true, but we need much more faith for higher levels of dimensional awareness, and so we continue to build our trust in the infinite Magic of Creation which supersedes the ordinary and the mundane as we view it from the linear perspective. It's time to stimulate our multidimensional processing in Galactic consciousness and enter into a state of galactivation.

Friday, July 14, 2017

Creation cycles & the Illumined project

Dear Beloveds!

In our Ascension journey, there are several timelines that are merging and converging. The first thing we need to understand is that we all belong to different cycles of Creation, because as we first began to experience Life in physicality, we have chosen to participate in different Creation cycles. These cycles are all a part of a much bigger Cosmic cycle/Cosmic day, which is playing our through all of these various experiences as "piercing" points of Creation, such as our own personal experiences within them at the most micro level of Creation expression. These cycles that we all participate within are of various structures and designs, but all belonging to one particular Grand cycle. The reason they are so diverse is so that Cosmic day/cycle can be explored and integrated from all angles of Creation which eventually lead to completion. What kept us moving within our own chosen cycle was the Pulse of Life, which simply moved us to where we needed to be next. The Spiral of Life is such that we always have to keep moving, as nothing in Creation is static. It feels naturally joyful to keep on moving forward without a sense of "pushing" or trying, but instead naturally moving with the creative space of change.

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Core Ascension & the point of synthesis

Dear Beloveds!

Happy July, everyone! This is a 17/8 Universal month with the keyword "synthesis"! This Essence of Soul culmination is present with us for a while Now, but it culminates during this month for everyone whose Soul is ready to undergo this ascending process where all the individual Soul aspects are not just gathered into the White Light and our Core Self, but there is also a new template being created for our new ascended Being, full of increased Soul potentiality and optimization. This is not something one can perform with mere curiosity. Deep Spirit initiation is always about pure workings of Spirit. We do not do this in order to find out more about ourselves, wanting egoic self approval etc. This is about fully trusting our Soul and Spirit, knowing that this is a natural process of readiness.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

The Solstice Light: New path unfolding

Dear Beloveds!

We are in the time of the June Solstice, which occurs on June 21st. In Wikipedia, the Solstice is referenced as the "midsummer, which occurs when a planet's rotational axis, or geographic pole on either its northern or its southern hemisphere, is most inclined toward the star that it orbits. This happens twice each year (once in each hemisphere), when the Sun reaches its highest position in the sky as seen from the north or south pole." It is one of the two main points on our planet that are important for our personal and collective transmission of Light. This year especially, the Solstice marks a very important new beginning, with a new sacred path unfolding within the greatness of Creation. How do we know this is so? Firstly, there is no physical guarantee that this is unfolding for us, but every single initiate of Spirit and the Ascension pathway will feel this within themselves as their own Soul will show them in their own Divine timing. And secondly, if we are really tapped into the Wisdom of the Creatrix itself, it will show us everything through complete Divine revelation.

Friday, June 9, 2017

Jupiter rising: The Heart of the Cosmic Beloved

Dear Beloveds!

The Beloved is awakening in our Hearts ever so deeply. This week we are awaiting a Full Moon in Sagittarius, coinciding with the planet Jupiter going direct after being retrograde for a while. Jupiter is the ruler of Sagittarius and so this is a wonderful opportunity for Soul expansion. In tarot Arcana, the Sagittarius is represented with the Temperance card, which is a card of merging polarized opposites and higher marriage. The 9th house which is ruled by Sagittarius is also the house of higher marriage, the marriage of higher ideals and values which the two righteous individuals represent as bringers of Truth. In this higher Union all sense of lower desire and attachment is transcended and devotion comes into play, laying the foundations for illumined Union. A sense of romance is replaced by a sensualization of the higher senses in order to expand and serve Spirit. When our dedication to such a Union comes from the Core of our Being, we create the most sacred inner space of reverence, so that the Cosmic Beloved can manifest within and without. And the Beloved embrace is experienced on all levels and felt by all, nurturing all Life back into Wholeness of Unity consciousness.

Friday, June 2, 2017

New cycle of Ascension

Dear Beloveds!

Happy month of June! This month is the month which many of us have been waiting for, as it is the turning point where what we have been investing as Light quotient into our threshold is about to pay off and create something New. This is a 16/7 month of Spirit rejuvenation, purification and restoration. It's also a partnership month as the Gemini energy together with the frequency of 7 (the partnership house) are inviting us into playful sharing and communion. The key words for our integration at this time are justice, purification and testimony. Things are moving many of us in a new direction, and many Beings of Light who are undergoing a Life synthesis are receiving new Divine assignments for their journey. These come as new level of our mission which are gathering all of our Light training and moving us into greater Divine service which does not have to be something physical. This is the level of working with crystalline Light that we are performing selflessly and on a day to day basis. We are deepening our understanding and experience of Oneness and so everything that we shall create will be for that Oneness and go right into that Divine container of All! We are truly stepping up into our Core Self, the original Self and learning about the path of true simplicity and planetary service through the Light infusion!